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How to buy concert tickets without breaking the bank

A question I get asked a lot is "How can you afford to buy all these concert tickets?". The truth is, I can't (technically) afford to buy them. I'm very poor. However, I do budget my money so I can buy them while also being able to buy things that I actually need in life, so here's how I do it. 

1. Budget your money accordingly 
Budgeting money is something that a lot of people struggle with (I could make an entire blog post about how to budget money). A lot of people I talk to say they don't buy concert tickets because they can't afford them, which can be a fair statement. They are expensive. But if you budget out a little bit of money every time you get paid, you should be able to afford them. Most concerts I go to have tickets that range from $35-$85. So if you know a band you like is going on tour soon, there is a specific ticket you want, or you just want to put some away for future concerts, do that every paycheck. This will help prevent you from randomly dropping $80 on a ticket you weren't prepared to buy. 

2. Don't buy terrible seats at outrageous prices
Depending on how big an artist is, their tickets can be ridiculously expensive. I've looked at tickets for Ed Sheeran, for example, and seats all the way in the back were over $100 each. Honestly, even though Ed Sheeran is amazing, that's not a good deal. The only time I would recommend spending that much on a ticket is if they were awesome seats. So make sure you're getting a good deal on what you're paying for. If it's gonna cost that much, you wanna make sure you can actually see and have a good time!

3. Don't buy resale tickets from sketchy websites
I see people make this mistake all too often. Usually buying resale from third-party websites results in 1. Paying way too much for a ticket or 2. Getting a fake ticket, or not getting one at all. If you must buy resale, do it from a trustworthy website (I have bought resale from Ticketmaster and StubHub, although StubHub can still be kinda sketchy). I would also suggest buying resale from people who post on the concert's event page on Facebook. Obviously use your common sense and make sure they are real and trustworthy, but I have done this before and never had a problem. Just make sure you look into who you're buying from. Read reviews, ratings, etc. 

4. When buying resale, don't pay for more than face value + fees for the ticket
This is a personal preference, some people may disagree with this one. When buying resale tickets, I never pay more than whatever it cost the person selling it. I don't see any reason why I should pay that person more when they didn't do anything more than I am purchasing the ticket. This will help you not get overcharged for a ticket as well. There are some cool people out there that will sell for what they paid for it, although some people only sell tickets to make a profit. 

5. Sign up to be a part of the artist's presale
Pretty much every band has presale tickets for cheaper than general release. Usually you get this by giving them your email on their website, signing up for an account, etc. I would recommend this because you get the best luck at good seats, and at a cheaper price. I know Ticketmaster also has offers like this for their website. It's also very easy and usually free to do this, so make sure you sign up for these deals!

Let me know if there's anything else regarding concerts that you guys would like tips or blog posts about!


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