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Artist Feature/Album Review: Johnnie Guilbert "I Could Sleep Here, I Could Die Here"

Written by Cheyenne Davey Johnnie Guilbert, Youtuber and musician, released his debut album I Could Sleep Here, I Could Die Here on July 6, 2018. Previously, Johnnie had two EPs, Not So Perfect (2015) and Lost (2016). Both albums had more of an acoustic sound to it, like something you would find on Youtube, which makes total sense. They really weren’t bad albums in all honesty. I remember even buying Not So Perfect on CD, I loved it so much. But, I sort of fell out of Johnnie, his music and his channel. Why? I don’t really know. So, when I heard that he has new music coming out, I thought I’d give it another chance and see if I fall back in love or not. Well, here we are. Music is out and I truly am loving it. Johnnie has improved tremendously! To me, I hear the vocal improvements. He sounds more confident and more polished on this album.

His music videos have improved as well! I didn’t mind his videos before, some of them felt sort of forced. I know for the first album, there was this…
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Artist Feature: Brad Urba

Written by Cheyenne Davey Brad Urba is an incredible artist that blends varying genres into some pretty incredible songs. Brad had contacted me on Instagram asking me to just check out his music. I did and I immediately knew I had to feature this guy. The way he blends country with rock or electro with pop is incredible to me. There’s not too many bands/artist I know that can blend these genres and make it still sound good. No matter what you’re in to, Brad will likely have something for you. I mean country and rock? In one song? What?! I’m not a country fan, so when I saw that “Riding the Rails” and “Red Light” had a country sound to it, I was iffy on whether or not I would like these particular songs or even any of the music. But, before I get too into gushing over his music, let’s talk about Brad for a hot minute. Brad says his life is split in three. There’s the third where he lived in Gaithersburg, Maryland. There’s the third in Portland, Oregon, where his music career began. The…

The Region "In The Wind" Single Review

Written by Demi Marshall  Pop punk/emo trio The Region dropped their new single "In The Wind" on June 26th, 2018. With a perfect blend of classic pop punk/emo sound that is also one-of-a-kind, The Region showcases an impressive amount of creativity and talent on every song they produce. The band consists of Jake Cyprian (vocals/guitar), Phil Cyprian (bass/vocals), and Jon De St. Jean (drums). Some of the band's previous music collections include "Something Needs To Change" and "My Way Out", both of which show the band's incredible growth as musicians. "In The Wind" is no different, displaying the band's excellent lyricism and unique sound.

The first aspect of this song that really caught my attention was the beginning, where there is a melodic guitar in the background that really guides the music into the vocals. I think the guitar really gives an initial feel for the song and builds it up nicely. As mentioned previously, I really lo…

Ice Nine Kills "The American Nightmare" Single Review

Written by Harley Lewis Recently, Ice Nine Kills released a song called "American Nightmare" and it is truly amazing. Ice Nine Kills are a band from Boston, Massachusetts, USA and currently consists of Spencer Charnas (vocals), Justin Debliech (guitar and vocals), and finally Justin Morrow (bass). The band have a touring drummer, Patrick Galante and a touring bassist that filled in for Justin, Ricky Armellino. The band formed in 2002 under the name Ice Nine but soon developed Kills into the band name.

Ice Nine Kills released their latest song along with a 12 minute long music video to go along with it. The band are releasing the new album in October under the name "The Silver Scream", and many fans cannot wait to see what happens in the next video. The band are trying out a new style and making their music videos as mini episodes that will tell a story by the end of it.

The lyrics themselves tell a story that the band are waiting for us to see and I always find t…

Artist Feature: I Fight Fail

Written by Jade Marshall
I Fight Fail is a Alternative/ POP Rock band that consist of Andy Potter (vocalist), Anthony Carter (drummer), Zach Negulis, and Daryl Johnson (both guitarist). They have making music since 2006 and the band found their sound in 2013. This band stands out because their sound is completely their own. They have grown in popularity recently because they have been in some major magazines, and have shared the stage with big names. This band has shared the stage with Machine Gun Kelly, POP Evil, Breathe Carolina, Tonight Alive, and many more. A few magazines they’ve been in are Alternative Press, Substream Music Press, and Shockwave Magazine.

The band has two Eps out, the first being Move Me and the second being Voyages And Vantage Points. The first Ep caught attention of record labels which helped put out the second Ep. The second Ep got listeners and critics noticing the band in good ways. Shockwave Magazine wrote, “I Fight Fail had done something different within …

Artist Feature: Wildcard

By Kaitlyn Monroe Wildcards: The unsuspecting, game changer, saving you from going ass over tea kettle, that leaves you gasping for air. Ironically enough, Wildcard is the name of this weeks band feature and they live up to their high standard name. The three piece hard rock band is from Macomb, Michigan, and representing the state of Detroit style pizza, and one of the great lakes is Kyle Berrens, Anthony Merz, and Tyler Johnson. This is one of your classic high school garage bands, originally founded by Kyle and Anthony in a music class aimed at letting students learn or improve at an instrument. Which, given the intricate, skilled style of the instrumentals of Wildcard, proved to be a wonderful class and we should all send their teacher a fruit basket. The bands sound is influenced by the rock geniuses such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen and others of the sort. The band remains true to their garageband outbreak and have written and recorded (in their basement) several so…

Top 10 Best Indie Albums Of All Time

Written by Aiden Breau 

Talon of The Hawk: TFB
This album doesn’t have one bad song on it, and I can say that with confidence. Every song is so jam-packed with passion and emotion. And for it being one of the first popular albums, I definitely think they earned a spot on the list. The vocals are so strong and interesting and pull you right in, alongside the heavy, but well-placed guitar and drums. This album will put you in a mood. Whether that mood is happy or sad, you honestly won’t care because of how enthralled you are in the music itself.


Kill The Moonlight: SPOON
Now, this album is something else. It definitely fits the SPOON vibe they are always giving off, and I can safely say this is one of, if not the best of their albums. The lyrics are so beautifully intricate and complex. Placed alongside some astounding melody, it just blends into this truly epic album. I honestly really missed Spoon. “Girls” was alright, but it honestly was just overproduced and it made me …