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American Goner 'Your Hair is Winter Fire' review

Rock band American Goner released their album "Your Hair is Winter Fire" on October 27th, 2017. The band was formed in 2016, and has a variety of demos, EPs, and albums available on their Bandcamp. American Goner has a unique sound, inspired not only by rock, but also testing out other styles. K.M. North, who makes up American Goner, stated the band likes to "Spice up" their sound, because "Having a band play the same song over and over gets boring." By testing out different styles of music with their rock sound, American Goner proves they are a great band for those who are into modern rock.

"You Hair is Winter Fire" specifically is more of a rock style. With vocals and melodies that remind me of bands like Pearl Jam, American Goner has elements of rock bands we all know and love, but has created their own brand through their willingness to try out new styles. North's vocals are excellent, sounding similar to those of Eddie Vedder. The albu…
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The Orphan The Poet concert review: A set that will leave you buzzin'

Alternative rock band The Orphan The Poet brought their headlining tour to Cobra Lounge in Chicago, IL on Thursday, February 15th, 2018. I had never seen the band live before, and I had never been to Cobra Lounge, so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. Cobra Lounge was a bit of an awkward venue in my opinion, and the sound definitely wasn't the best, but the bands didn't let this effect their performance. The Orphan The Poet, as well as the opening bands they brought along, showcased an incredible amount of talent and energy. While there were aspects of the venue I wasn't a fan of, each band impressed me greatly and I would love to see them again in the future. I'm going to focus on the last three bands that played to keep this post concise.

Friday Pilots Club 
Presenting a sound that is a refreshing fusion of indie rock and blues, Friday Pilots Club is an exceptional representation of modern rock. Based in Chicago, IL and consisting of Caleb Hiltunen (lead voca…

The Region 'My Way Out' Review

The Region is a pop punk/emo band from Northwest Indiana. Consisting of Jake Cyprian (vocals/guitar), Phil Cyprian (bass/vocals), and Jon De St. Jean (drums), the band works well together in creating a fresh pop punk sound. Their latest release 'My Way Out' only has three songs, but is a great example of the band's talent. The Region impressed me with their meaningful lyrics, which add a lot of character to their already strong instrumentals.

The opening song, "5pm", is my favorite in terms of lyrics. This song discusses how it's easy to feel sad during winter months when it gets dark early in the evening. I find this easy to relate to, especially as someone who is also from Northwest Indiana. The months following the holidays can be hard on a lot of people as the sun begins to set earlier, and there seems to be less to look forward to. As the beat picks up in the song, the lyrics follow, sending an empowering message to stay positive in this time of hardshi…

The Brinks 'EP2' brings fresh sound to indie pop

The Brinks are an alternative/indie band based out of Los Angeles, California. The duo includes Scott Mellis and Matt Friedman. Their latest release of 'EP2' shows great talent and potential. The Brinks are like a breath of fresh air to indie pop, creating a mix of catchy beats and melodic vocals to form their EP. Their sound is comparable to artists such as Flor or BANNERS, and their music is definitely fit for the radio waves.

The opening song "Comatose" seems to flow effortlessly. The vocals tie the entire song together, and there is a great mixture of electronic sounds that are very soothing. The next song "Honey" showcases the band's pop style, with a catchy chorus that is sure to get stuck in your head. The song feels invigorating and lifts your mood with its upbeat sound and vocals. One of my favorite songs on the EP is "Just A Rush", because it uses a variety of drum beats and claps to create a unique beat. The vocals in this song are…

THE ORPHAN THE POET 'Terrible Things' EP review

The Orphan The Poet label their music as "take-it-or-leave-it alt rock." Based out of Dayton, Ohio, the band consists of David Eselgroth (vocals/guitar), Dakota Johnson (guitar), Jake Floyd (bass), and Sam Gordon (drums). The 'Terrible Things' EP brought back memories of my favorite artists when I was in middle school. With a sound that's comparable to bands like Mayday Parade or Jimmy Eat World, The Orphan The Poet puts a modern and unique spin on classic alternative rock sound. 

The EP features a variety of alternative sounds. The opening track "Forward" on 'Terrible Things' introduces the band with powerful guitar and drums. Transitioning into the title track of the EP, we hear a more catchy and upbeat sound. This song works great as the face of the album, because it features heavy guitar and drums, while also creating a catchy chorus and showcasing Eselgroth's vocals. The song "Wild & Young" shows a more melodic side to the…

Bleachers concert reviews: a weekend in Chicago

I was lucky enough to see Bleachers on their Gone Now tour part 2 in Chicago both on November 11th and 12th, 2017. Opening for them was Amy Shark and Bishop Briggs, who I had never heard of before. The first night, Bleachers played at The Riviera Theatre, and the second night at The Vic Theatre. I had seen Bleachers live once at PIQNIQ this past summer, and I also reviewed the album Gone Now as soon as it came out, so I was very excited about these shows. I will say that Bleachers did not disappoint, these were two of the most amazing and fun shows I have ever been to. It was definitely worth waiting in the freezing cold/rain for hours to be front row both nights.

Amy Shark
I had never heard anything about Amy Shark's music before coming to night 1 of Bleachers, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed her and her set. Shark is an Australian indie pop singer/songwriter, who released her EP "Night Thinker" this year. Shark has no trouble carrying her set and h…

'What if Nothing' review: Walk The Moon attempts new sound

Walk The Moon released their latest album "What If Nothing" on November 10th, 2017. Known for their indie rock/pop sound since their first studio album in 2012, the band has grown in popularity over the years. Having produced hits such as "Anna Sun", "Tightrope", and "Shut Up And Dance", most people have heard at least one song from them. I have been a fan of Walk The Moon since seeing them open for Panic! At The Disco in 2014. I must say, though, I have only really enjoyed their first album. I was interested to see what they produced this time around. Overall, I would say this album is not nearly as good as what they have done in the past, and I would dare to say they keep producing less quality music.

My main issue with this album is there is no real depth to it at all. The lyrics don't seem to produce any significant theme or message, they are very superficial. I can tell the band tried out more of an electronic sound than they have in t…