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Why Bleachers' new album 'Gone Now' should be the soundtrack to your summer.

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If there was an indie movie about my life, I would want the soundtrack to be 'Gone Now'. The music is great background music for life, and I don't mean in a way where people easily tune it out. This album gets me happy and energetic when I listen to it. Every time. And I have listened to it multiple times already. I was sunbathing earlier listening to this album, and it gave my day that perfect summer feeling. I only recently got into Bleachers after seeing them at PIQNIQ 2017, but I am already hooked.

'Gone Now' has a very unique sound. It flows well together, and has a happy, groovy feel. One thing that stuck out to me the most in this album is the occasional voice samples in the songs. At first I found it off-putting, just because it was different and kind of took me out of the song. After listening to the whole album and seeing how they tied together by the end, I know the album wouldn't be the same without it. Now I really like the mixed media feeling the voice samples give the album. 

One part of this album I still don't really like is that some of the lyrics and voice samples appear in multiple songs. I mostly don't like this because it can get repetitive and boring after a while. It also makes the album feel shorter. Sometimes it feels like I have listened to the same song twice. I understand that lyrics are repeated to make it one collective story and message, which I respect, I just don't personally love that choice. I will say that I like how the themes of going home, remembering where you came from, and good memories plays throughout the album. It gives you a feeling of comfort and being young, having great times with your friends and family. 

Overall, there are very powerful elements of voice and energy throughout this album. I absolutely love it and I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of indie, indie pop, or just an album that will put you in a good mood. It really is a great soundtrack to listen to on your own, or with others. Play this at your barbecues and pool parties. Blast it while you're driving with the windows down. Seriously, it's an incredible album, and will give you the summer vibes you're looking for this year. 

If you want to get a taste of this album, but don't want to sit and listen to it all at once yet, here are a few songs I would suggest:

1. Goodmorning
2. Hate That You Know Me
3. I Miss Those Days


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